The ESA Lab currently offers these workshops each year. Dates and locations TBA.

Introduction to ERDAS IMAGINE and Remote Sensing
This is the introductory workshop in remote sensing imagery and software. Workshop participants will learn properties of three types of spatial data: air photo imagery, Landsat satellite imagery, and GIS vector data (e.g. roads, hydrology, boundaries). Workshop participants will learn how to use the ERDAS Imagine software package to: view remote sensing imagery, import remote sensing imagery, georeference remote sensing imagery, combine remote sensing imagery with other data, and create output files and maps. The workhop will last approximately 4 hours.

Introduction to ESRI's ArcGIS and Geographic Information Systems
This workshop is intended to give the participants a general overview of the concepts of GIS and how the associated tools of Desktop ArcGIS apply to those concepts. The strucutre of the workshop is alternating discussion and hands-on lab exercises. The participants will first learn the basics of the three Desktop ArcGIS components (ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox, and ArcMap) and the section concludes with the creation of a land use map. The second part of the workshop involves using the newly acquired skills from the 1st section to solve a spatially oriented land use issue in Grand Traverse County, Michigan. The workshop will last approximately 4 hours.

Introduction to Global Positioning System
This workshop gives participants an introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and applications. The goal is to provide base knowledge about GPS data collection and processing so that students are prepared to use GPS in their natural resource projects. The workshop begins with a brief introduction to the technology of GPS and relevant theoretical concepts (approximately 1/2 hour). This will be followed by hands-on exercises, including data collection with a Trimble GeoExplorer III GPS receiver and standard post-processing of GPS data collected at two local parks (1 1/2 hours). The workshop will last approximately 2 hours.